Products reviewed: Silk cut purple Richmond super kings Vogue Menthol ultra slims Lucky Strikes Reds NEW http://www.youtube.com/user/OBcigrevews?feature=watch IRELAND …

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25 Responses to RJ’S TOBACCO REVIEW SHOW – 13

  • Thanks for your coment and will do a video about pack swapping and
    nerfmerchandice next week. stay lit

  • Great show and I need I try lucky strikes haven’t had any before

  • I hear he jipped some people

  • Superkings are 100’s, and thanks for your coment and stay lit.

  • Thanks for the info. stay lit

  • Freddie Mercury was smoking Silk Cut cigarettes 😀

  • Just the right length of video, I enjoyed watching this alot! Hope u will
    keep making these review shows!

  • thanks and guys check out this guys channel for great reviews

  • people in europe are lucky being able to buy packs less than or more than
    20 cigarettes in a pack.

  • Probably Silk Cut purples, Davidoff Gold, Mayfair smooth, but wouldnt
    recomend Marlboro lights as they are very chemically tasting in the UK.
    stay lit

  • In the UK you can but other countries you can not by law, France for example

  • cheers mate

  • I have done reviews on the both, Soveriegn are so so, JPS blacks better,
    JPS blues one of the better mid price cigarettes, also JPS blacks were one
    of the first cigarettes I smoked.

  • if your looking for very weak then go for silk cut silver/blue or maybe
    mayfair fine.(the white packet)

  • Lucky Strike are among my favorites, they were my first cigarettes, along
    with Kent, Gitanes, Belga and Johnson.

  • Yeah I forget which year it happened but a law passed a while back stating
    only 20 cigs per pack in the us I believe they used to make 25 packs as
    well here as like a Marlboro man commemoration because it had a detailed
    picture on the front

  • Thanks for your comment, B and H gold, JPS blacks, and Marlboro were mine.
    stay lit

  • a day in the life of RJ sounds great!

  • @rjthesmoker could u review Red Band rolling tobacco it’s available in most
    UK corner shops not supermarkets it’s a retailers brand which makes it
    cheaper. Also available online.

  • out of interest why do you prefer king size to super kings?

  • anytime bro, and GUYS CHECK OUT THIS NEW REVIEWER. stay lit

  • In Canada you can purchase packs of ten unfiltered flavored cigarillos
    which have the same dimensions as a standard kingsize cigarette. Aside from
    them, cigarettes are sold in 20 and 25 decks. I can’t remember the term
    used to designate the 25 pack, but I know they’re exclusively available for
    certain brands. Good review RJ!

  • Super kings? I have never heard of them before are they just a different
    way to say 100’s or? You should mention this in your next vid also were you
    live you may have more restrictions on your tobacco than we’re I live in
    the us but it does seem like you have more of a choice as to what your
    getting no tobacco shops around me will order packs

  • One of my favorite shows great job rj didn’t relize you didn’t reviles
    lucky strike red filters also it sucks that nerfmerchandice ripped you off
    and then deleted his channel yossi was pretty mad too

  • what’s your opinion on Sovereign and JPS Black?